The Warmth of Fire Makes a House a Home

Aside from kitchen and bathroom renovations, fireplaces and stoves add the highest return on your home investment. Fireplaces and stoves, powered by wood or gas require no electricity to operate, ensuring that when the power goes out, your family is not left to the vulnerable cold.

Whether you want to cozy up to a wood fireplace or accent your homes style with an electric wall hanging fireplace, we have a wide array of products to best suite your needs and lifestyle!

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Find the Perfect Fireplace

Fireplaces are the most traditional hearth product found in homes, and for good reason – they provide warmth and comfort in additional to looking beautiful inside the home.

Fireplaces come in many shapes, sizes, styles and fuel types. Fuel type refers to the fuel that is burned to produce heat. The most popular are wood and gas.

Majestic Echelon II Gas Linear Fireplace

Shown: Majestic Echelon II Gas Linear Fireplace

Gas Fireplaces

Our lineup of gas fireplaces have the highest rated efficiencies in the industry. Manufacturers have gone through years of research, testing and design to create gas fireplaces that model a realistic fire, with strategically placed burner parts, emulating real flames. High heat ceramic or tempered glass increase the radiant heat that is dispersed throughout the room to save on energy costs. Forced convection heated room air and an efficient heat exchange system are part of the outstanding features zero clearance gas fireplaces provide.

Some gas fireplace brands are:

Wood Fireplaces

The ambiance and natural heat a wood fireplace creates is unmatched. A high efficiency wood fireplace has the ability to burn overnight, with low emissions achieved through non-catalytic high tech design. Optional blowers can be remotely operated with advanced air wash systems to help keep the glass clean. A firebrick lined firebox and heat radiating high temperature ceramic glass ensure your high efficiency wood fireplace will burn productively and effectively.

Some wood fireplace brands are:

Majestic Castlewood outdoor fireplace

Shown: Castlewood by Majestic

Majestic Echelon II Gas Linear Fireplace

Shown: Majestic Echelon II

Modern Fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces allow you to emphasize and reflect your personal decorating style, while providing efficient heat with the push of a button. Contemporary and linear design, high quality modern fireplaces combine a polished clean face look with a unique flame and ember bed. Many options are available to customize the look of your fireplace, including gas logs, river rocks or sparkling crystal rocks to add modern elegance and sophistication to your home.

Some modern fireplaces brands are:

Find the Perfect Stove

Freestanding stoves provide a great heating source that also doubles as an interesting design feature, oftentimes becoming the focal point of a room in an addition, cabin or home.

Stoves come in many shapes, sizes, styles and fuel types. Fuel type refers to the fuel that is burned to produce heat. The most popular are pellet, wood and gas.

Ironstrike Winslow Pellet insert

Shown: Ironstrike Winslow

Pellet Stoves

A renewable energy source and environmentally friendly, pellet stoves are a great alternative heat source for your home. Simple and convenient to operate, with the ability to heat up to 2,000 square feet and a hopper capacity of 55 lbs. Digital control provides adjustment to both the fuel rate and blower speed, while automatic ignition and a variable speed auger and variable speed blower are a convenient standard addition to the top loading pellet stove.

Some pellet stove brands are:

  • Ironstrike

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are a reliable and efficient alternative heat source for your home. Whether you want to heat 1,000 square feet or 3,500, we have the stove to effectively heat your space! Clean burning and low emissions, wood stoves are a reliable heating and cooking source, with the ability to heat over night. Blowers are optional for added heat circulation.

Some  wood stove brands are:

  • Ironstrike
  • Nectre
Nectre N65 wood burning pellet stove

Shown: Nectre N65

Ironstrike Epic gas stove

Shown: Ironstrike Epic

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves add convenience and value to your home. Advanced burner technology and innovative designs, log sets look so realistic its hard to tell the difference from a real wood burning fire! No electricity is required to light or operate, and a built-in millivolt system or electronic ignition with a battery back-up ensure reliability even when the power goes out.

Some gas stove brands are:

  • Ironstike

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What our Customers are Saying

Liz Skruch Ascione
Liz Skruch Ascione
John is terrific to work with and the showroom is beautiful. Besides having all of your fireplace needs, they can fill your outdoor kitchen needs as well. And, now offering indoor kitchen cabinets too. Wonderful place.
Craig Olvey
Craig Olvey
Love my new fireplace insert! They went above and beyond to make sure everything was as easy and smooth as possible. I'll return when I'm ready to do my outdoor kitchen!
Andy Jamieson
Andy Jamieson
Priced fairly... Responded to my questions and did a great job on the installation.
Lisa Maison Ceuninck
Lisa Maison Ceuninck
Autumn was very knowledgeable and helpful! Highly recommend this business! We will surely be making our fireplace purchase here!
Deena Robinson
Deena Robinson
I have had my gas fireplace for 7 years, and the beauty of the flame was always a disappointment. I was informed by several concerns that it was at max and nothing further could be done. To add to the picture, some mechanical issues developed. Autumn's team addressed the mechanical issues, and then Autumn stepped in and made the flame everything I always wished for and just knew it could be. It was my good fortune to find this group of specialists. From my first phone contact and on, they were friendly, interested and highly knowledgeable. They get 2 thumbs up!

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